Customised Graphics Turns Heads With Metamark MD-X..

When a business sets out to promote itself it had better do the job well. When that business is using the very medium it’s actually selling in the cause of its own promotion, it had better do a simply outstanding job. Waterlooville based Customised Graphics UK Ltd has done just that.


Matt Leaver and his team at Customised Graphics have designed, printed and applied a wrap to the company’s own vehicle that’s eye-catching, head-turning, memorable and effective. The design combines a mesmerising face rendered in a leaf-like texture and dramatic typography to great effect. The design was one of several explored but came together quickly once the direction was set according to Matt.

The face was printed on Metamark’s new, next-generation MD-X wrapping film. The resolution achieved is astonishing. The closer the print is examined, the more detail is revealed. Get closer still and you’ll see that the eye holds a reflection of Customised Graphics’ logo.

Matt Leaver commented:

“Working with Metamark’s new MD-X wrapping film was a revelation. We’ve come to expect great print quality from Metamark MD-Class media but this is just exceptional. The graphics really pop with the Matched Laminate fitted and the effect is everything we’d hoped for. People approach the wrap and just can’t resist touching it. We were aiming to hit some pretty exact colour matches with the print and the MD-X delivered for us. We couldn’t be more pleased with the result.”

Matt decided to use Metamark M7 materials for the cut and applied lettering elements of the livery and it was a good decision. The Grass Green M7 just radiates out of the darker design elements surrounding and helps contribute to the message legibility.

Fitting the printed Metamark MD-X was a good experience for Customised Graphics’ skilled team. The new wrapping film was designed and formulated in the digital age for printed wraps and offers superior handling to traditional wrapping materials.


Matt Leaver added:

“We were really impressed with the way Metamark’s new MD-X material handled during application. It elongates well and is both compliant and forgiving. Even with the laminate fitted, it conforms well over the application surface. It develops a great ultimate bond that gives us absolute confidence in what we’ve produced.”

The new wrap is working.

The livery has attracted much attention and the ‘phone at Customised Graphics has been ringing with people wanting to explore what the company can do for their vehicles. According to Matt, significant numbers have had experiences with “bad wraps” and want to revisit the potential having seen how effective a wrap done well can be.


Locally, and in fact wherever it goes, the Customised Graphics van is a celebrity. So it should be. It’s a stunning example of what can be achieved when creative talent and modern print technology team up with high performing films from Metamark.


Elite Signs and Graphics evokes a classic…

Vee-Dubs, Bugs, Beetles, Volkswagens. Call them what you like, but they occupy a special place in the hearts of many. Not many small cars can claim a personality so large. Not many cars have endured, in one form or another, for so long. Not many cars can claim its strange,  backward-inclined-engineering. Strange? Let’s settle for “ingenious.”

Elitie Herb

Lovebug Weddings, based in Porthcawl, South Wales, is, at heart, a business that provides hire vehicles for weddings. The fact its entire stable is VW based though, makes it a bit special. A special day is made all the more so when the bride’s entourage arrives in a Splitty, or the groom rocks up in Elvis, the company’s ultimate Retro-Beetle. It’s a popular formula. Business is brisk.

Despite the expanse of its fleet, one thing, ‘til recently anyway, conspicuous by its absence, was anything looking even vaguely like a homage to what’s probably  the best known Bug of them all. So enters Herb. A modern take on the original Lovebug made famous the world over and loved by millions.

Herb, as he’s known, would have turned as few heads as any modern Beetle might, were it not for some spot-on graphics by the Team at Elite Signs. Elite was approached by Lovebug Weddings to evoke its homage to the Bug and it obliged with a modest stripe kit and numeral set printed on Metamark MD5.

Herb Quarter View

“We’ve done some exacting jobs in our time,” says Elite’s Simon James, “but the Bug was one of the toughest despite the simple appearance. Everything had to be spot-on for this one. It took a bit of research, a lot of trial designs but we cracked it in the end. The bug looks great and does what it’s supposed to do. It gets noticed.”

Herb’s busy most weekends thanks to his popularity as a carriage of choice. But, should you fancy a change from the usual fare of limos and carriages, bookings are being taken for 2014/15.

Nice one, Elite.