Signs Express Plymouth works wonders with etch effect film…

Metamark Etch Effect Films are designed and manufactured according to production processes Metamark also uses for its printable, MD-Class media and for good reason – Metamark Etch Effect Films are printable too.

Printed Etch - Signs Express Plymouth

Sign Express (Plymouth) recently used this, and its, technical talent to quite brilliant effect when it completed a project on behalf of a shop fitting client for Mark Holt and Co., Accountants. The result is truly exemplary.

Using a Mimaki JV3, the Signs Express (Plymouth) team printed the fields of solid colour and other elements comprising the design using a profile and setting crafted for the purpose. The result excels in all respects. No banding or drying artefacts are visible and there is no measurable variation in colour density in the uniform fields. Colour into colour boundaries are flawless and crisp and the applied results, thanks to the crystal clear adhesive system is potent and razor sharp.

Printed Etch effects are usually quite subtle but Signs Express (Plymouth) has produced a work that proves high impact graphics can work just as effectively. For privacy, for impact or for ambience, Etch Effects printed and applied this well carry the medium forward to new possibilities in retail and beyond.