A superb wrap by Severn Signs will be turning heads this summer…

It’s been said often enough that wrapping, as a medium, is really only limited in its application by the extent of the imagination. A point that’s underscored by a novel wrap produce for Willow Catering by Gloucester based Severn Signs.

Severn Signs has been in business since 1990 and has always invested in state-of-the art technology to help it push its own creative boundaries and to better serve the needs of the diversified clientele it serves. The company is on of the largest independent sign and display manufacturer in Gloucestershire and it’s clients are drawn from both its local catchment and nationwide.

Responding to a brief from Willow Catering, Severn Signs’ Trevina Watts designed the livery reflecting a theme centred around beach huts. Most of the detail in the design is printed despite what the eye might fool the brain into thinking. Subtle shade and tone in the finished result create a convincing impression of physical construction detail and depth where there actually is none. The overall effect is highly impactful and very attractive. Contrasting with the print.

Photography: Alphabet Design, Liverpool

Photography: Alphabet Design, Liverpool

Above the printed elements of the wrap is a fascia panel alerting the population to the fact they’re looking at an enterprise selling fish and chips and not a row of beach huts. The sign’s background matter is printed to the same high standards as the body of the wrap. Contrasting with the printed background, lettering rendering the “Fish and Chips” lettering is constructed from Alucobond with a mirrored finish.

The effect the whole wrap achieves is clearly a high impact for the business it represents. More than that though, the highly informed design evokes days at the seaside, summer sun and, of course, a raging appetite for a large portion of cod and chips – plenty of vinegar please.

MetaWrap MD-X was used for the parts of the wrap where surfaces were challenging and Metamark MD5 features on the flat panel work. Despite using two media, colour matching is flawless and application highly skilled. The materials used are from the Metamark MD-Class portfolio and therefore expressly designed for digital print. The media deliver consistent results across batches and within rolls.

In terms of getting attention the wrap really delivers. It is both highly individual and memorable. It does a great job for Willow Catering but also makes a point that modern materials and digital printing technology respond well to creative talent and practical skills. On this occasion, all have delivered an exemplary result.



Metamark MD-X Turns Heads in the VW Racing Cup…

Transforming a lime-green Scirocco into something that looks like it’s breaking the speed limit even without its wheels turning is a bit of a stretch, but it’s exactly what Nathan Nicholls and the team at Rage Displays signed up for. The car in question is owned and raced by Simon Deaton in the VW Racing Cup.



Nathan and his company, Definitive, set out with the objective of making the vehicle look like it was draped in a single piece of material. That meant a lot of effort at the design stage to ensure that details worked at panel edges and curve junctions. The time was well invested though and the application achieves its goals.

If the brief represented a bit of a stretch, so did the application. Thankfully the challenge was faced and overcome by Metamark’s MetaWrap MD-X and its mechanically matched laminate. The well proven wrap-masters’ ensemble was expertly printed on an Epson GS6000 and the colourful results are exactly what a lime-green vehicle needs to obscure its true colours.



The actual application is a credit to the team and the design has made it off the screen and onto the highly dimensional VW just as its designer intended. Guess which car now looks the most distinctive on the VW Racing Cup Grid?

The MD-X experience was a good one for the application team and they’re obviously confident of the skills that turned the vehicle into a vehicle capable of turning heads.

If you have a vehicle that’s just asking to be turning into an exercise in high-performance design, you know where to start looking.


ON THE ROAD TO LE MANS A couple of sensational liveries by Elite Signs go down well in France… Bridgend-based Elite Signs, recently relocated to larger premises, has recently completed an amazing mobile homage to Le Mans racing in the head-turning shape of two clearly notable vehicle liveries for a couple of race enthusiasts’ vehicles. The job came to Simon James and the team at Elite, thanks to the company having undertaken work on the car previously. Both vehicles featured were treated like real celebrities on the way across France to the race. JagProfileHigh The Jaguar is a real exemplar of what’s possible with the right materials and talent. Starting with nothing more than a low-res photograph of the subject for reference, Simon James carefully created the design, mindful of the need to manage the subsequent application, and also created reference drawings that were approved. JagVisualReference The livery was colour-matched to original references and then printed on MetaWrap MD-X – reproduction and colour fidelity, all agreed, was perfect. Elite’s application team, Barrie and Nicky, then applied the printed and laminated MD-X livery components to the car. The ‘Jag presents a challenging application surface to say the least. MD-X and the Elite team sailed through the job perfectly though and the work looks sensational. Silver metallic Jaguar devices were cut and applied over the wrapped and laminated MetaWrap MD-X completing the main livery elements. Metamark MD5 was printed and applied for the decal components so completing an eye-catching ensemble that the customer is nothing short of delighted with. Le Mans and the Gulf Porsche are practically synonymous and wonderfully evoked in the other half of the liveried duo. A VW “Camper” may not start with the promise of being the most appropriate canvas for a 917 homage but it really works brilliantly. GulfVW1 A combination of Metamark M7 and Metamark MD5 gets the treatment done this time and, short of sprouting a 917-style long tail, the VW carries the act off like the class act it is. Once on the road, the pair attract the attention of everyone they pass and request for photographs come thick and fast. The liveries make the point that there’s value in wrapped vehicles beyond advertising for advertising’s sake and that the medium is accessible to all. Elite Signs and the team are as please with the works as the customer and are happy to entertain enquires from anyone with similar idea – JPS FI Styled Mini, anyone?


Great design has its basis in contrasts, a point well proven by the latest head-turner from J. Cody Signs…


Vehicle wraps are supposed to get attention, turn heads and make people look and remember. It’s no accident that the latest wrap from by James Cody and the team at J. Cody Signs in Grimsby does just that and more.

Great design has a basis in Contrasts

Great design has a basis in Contrasts

Where’s the “L?” “Heath” and Hygiene has the ring of a mistake about it and forces a quick double-take. Fear not though, the moniker is spot-on and the property of a client referred to J. Cody Signs by a local designer who was looking to elevate the profile of his carpet cleaning business. Here begins the story of a great looking wrap that achieves exactly what wraps are supposed to.

The design is a refreshing change from wraps as usual and a great looking signature piece from the company determined to put itself and #GetItWrapped on the map. The design starts with a total coverage of matt black onto which contrasting elements in contour-cut and printed MetaWrap MD-X are expertly applied. The contrast in textures and colours really makes the key design elements “pop” looking for all the world like spot-varnished features leaping out of a quality paper-print job. With such a potent effect mastered, the temptation to go overboard was resisted and the whole effect is totally together. The van works as a whole.


The wrap’s supply chain is as different as the wrap itself. The company that financed the purchase of the van also financed the wrap. This adds a little value to the finance service and means there’s another advocate out there in the market promoting quality wraps courtesy of J. Cody Signs.

James Cody at J Cody Sign is a committed believer in the growth of wrapping as a medium.

“Comparing the impact that a wrap achieves, with that associated with cut and applied lettering and logos, it’s clear that the customer is getting more in return for the small premium a wrap costs,” he says. “Wraps are not something everyone can produce, there’s  a skill-set that’s involved and it’s a craft that has to be learned. Once we assure people who may have had burned fingers in the past that we know what we’re doing and that we’re using proven materials to do it, the sale is made.”

It doesn’t cost a lot to make someone’s day. J. Cody’s client and all involved in bringing this head-turner to the streets are delighted. To anyone in two minds about their next vehicle livery James Cody has a simple and memorable message:-



Customised Graphics Turns Heads With Metamark MD-X..

When a business sets out to promote itself it had better do the job well. When that business is using the very medium it’s actually selling in the cause of its own promotion, it had better do a simply outstanding job. Waterlooville based Customised Graphics UK Ltd has done just that.


Matt Leaver and his team at Customised Graphics have designed, printed and applied a wrap to the company’s own vehicle that’s eye-catching, head-turning, memorable and effective. The design combines a mesmerising face rendered in a leaf-like texture and dramatic typography to great effect. The design was one of several explored but came together quickly once the direction was set according to Matt.

The face was printed on Metamark’s new, next-generation MD-X wrapping film. The resolution achieved is astonishing. The closer the print is examined, the more detail is revealed. Get closer still and you’ll see that the eye holds a reflection of Customised Graphics’ logo.

Matt Leaver commented:

“Working with Metamark’s new MD-X wrapping film was a revelation. We’ve come to expect great print quality from Metamark MD-Class media but this is just exceptional. The graphics really pop with the Matched Laminate fitted and the effect is everything we’d hoped for. People approach the wrap and just can’t resist touching it. We were aiming to hit some pretty exact colour matches with the print and the MD-X delivered for us. We couldn’t be more pleased with the result.”

Matt decided to use Metamark M7 materials for the cut and applied lettering elements of the livery and it was a good decision. The Grass Green M7 just radiates out of the darker design elements surrounding and helps contribute to the message legibility.

Fitting the printed Metamark MD-X was a good experience for Customised Graphics’ skilled team. The new wrapping film was designed and formulated in the digital age for printed wraps and offers superior handling to traditional wrapping materials.


Matt Leaver added:

“We were really impressed with the way Metamark’s new MD-X material handled during application. It elongates well and is both compliant and forgiving. Even with the laminate fitted, it conforms well over the application surface. It develops a great ultimate bond that gives us absolute confidence in what we’ve produced.”

The new wrap is working.

The livery has attracted much attention and the ‘phone at Customised Graphics has been ringing with people wanting to explore what the company can do for their vehicles. According to Matt, significant numbers have had experiences with “bad wraps” and want to revisit the potential having seen how effective a wrap done well can be.


Locally, and in fact wherever it goes, the Customised Graphics van is a celebrity. So it should be. It’s a stunning example of what can be achieved when creative talent and modern print technology team up with high performing films from Metamark.