Testing times for Metamark MD3-A

Prized industry-wide for its great print quality, and for its easy bubble-free application thanks to its MetaScape adhesive system, Metamark MD3-A recently found an application its designers admit to not having anticipated.

Something in the Y chromosome, or maybe the water in Swansea, inspired Adam Brooks, MD of Swansea-based Total Print, and friends to build and enter a vehicle in the London 2013 Red Bull Soapbox Race.

Getting an unpowered vehicle to the bottom of a downhill course as fast as possible seems easy. But getting there first is only one of the criteria judged. Creativity and Showmanship need to be considered too.

“Be anything except ordinary,” says Red Bull.

Team Autobots – Welsh Blokes In Disguise, obliged.

Optimus Prime Rolls...

Optimus Prime Rolls…

Autobot’s MD3-A clad Optimus Prime homage was one of the largest vehicles entered and so not advantaged in the speed stakes. Turning wheels is one thing, turning heads another,  the team was inundated with questions as to how it had produced the graphics that are Adam’s stock and trade.

Maybe there is something in the water, then again, there’s a great pub just down the road from Total Print’s premises.